Asambleas Ciudadanos


the Mediterranean Citizens' Assembly



Key ideas and methodological axes of the Mediterranean Citizens Assembly

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* elements extracted from the report of the coordinators meeting in Paris - June 2008

Context and challenges of the region

  1. This is a zone of contrast. There are varied political situations (dictatorships, constituted democracies, formal democracies) and several cultures (European, Maghrebian, eastern… )
  2. It also a widely militarized area: armed conflicts, immigration issues.
  3. One of the many challenges to be pointed out is the invention of a citizenship in those countries where citizens have no rights
  4. It is a complex political space with multiple identities, in which many peoples lean towards other, non-European horizons (the Atlantic, or Africa)
  5. There is an ongoing, EU enforced process which suffers from Euro-centrism and which has lately been re-launched by Nicholas Sarkozy. This process is based on three cornerstones (social development, cultural and political dialog, free exchange), where the economy has acquired a more significant role than any other consideration.

Methodological clues

  1. The aim is to enable this assembly to have a real political impact; the project is still on its lab phase, trying to create a permanent space for proposals’ elaboration
  2. Two stages are proposed: the creation of an international committee to promote a proposal so that the interested actors may make it their own, with politics, businesses, social movements, and creating, this way, a kind of coordination committee
  3. Other aims are the launching of a meetings’ dynamics, of topic-based workshops, or workshops grouped socio-professionally, which will need a socio-economic and current Mediterranean network verification study phase as well as the capitalization of today’s jobs.