Asambleas Ciudadanos


Pierre Calame



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Ethics and new thoughts on governance

Translations : Español . français . English

The idea of a citizens’ assembly is a concrete expression of a new view on ethics and on the management of societies when it comes to globalization. Pierre Calame draws up the principles of this new vision and shows how the assemblies and other citizens’ dynamics contribute to this deep renewal through five keywords : legitimacy, democratic participation, public good co-production, pertinence and efficiency, relationship between scales + read more


Citizens' assemblies : birth, challenges and methods

Translations : français . Español . English

Citizens’ assemblies contribute to renew the relationship between unity and diversity. They may allow citizens to influence the inter-dependences of the 21st Century, and to re-institute societies and democratic forms. The challenges are huge and are in the heart of the societies’ changes. Pierre Calame approaches here the history of the citizens’ assemblies, their stakes and the new methods we have to invent to face the evolutions of the societies and democracy + read more